Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're Having Harper Kate!

  Before I get into Harper Kate's story, I don't want to forget when we found out we were having her.  We were in Birmingham.  I was doing some work at Pappagallo, and Jarod was working on job interviews, just enjoying being with family.  Working at Pappagallo, my stomach was feeling weird, but it really didn't cross through my mind to test anything.
  Finally, I went ahead and decided to take a test and found out it was positive.  Strangely, we found out while we were staying at my parents house. :)  I went into the bedroom, told Jarod and we both just stood in what felt like shock.  We were both so excited, embraced in a hug, and Jarod prayed for the health of our baby.
  The next day, I called a couple of my friends and told them.  I called my dad's nurse at his office & told her I needed to come sneak in for an ultrasound.  Jarod & I went that afternoon and saw the first picture of our little one.  I was only about 4-5 weeks.  That afternoon, my sister, Carrie, was at my parents house.  I went upstairs & told her.  She was able to help me come up with a fun, creative way to tell the rest of my family.
  Later that night, we were meeting Jarod's parents for dinner.  We picked up Jackson (Jarod's brother), and hung out with him while Randy & Tammy were at a wedding rehearsal.  While we were with Jackson, we handed him the ultrasound picture, knowing he would know what it was.  You see, he had seen 3 before because Jarod's sister, Abby, has 3 kids.  He was so excited, well as excited as a 11 year old boy would be. :)
   We met Jarod's parents at Jim-n-Nicks, and let Jackson show his mom the ultrasound picture.  Tammy's eyes filled with tears as she showed Randy.  They were so excited.  Obviously, we couldn't talk about anything else over dinner and after we finished headed to their house.  Abby & Brent were at a friends house, and we wanted them to come to Randy & Tammy's when they finished, but they decided to head home.  We couldn't tell them why we wanted them to come over, so we left them to their choice. :)  Jarod called his brother, Eric, and then we took a picture of the ultrasound photo & texted it to Abby & Brent, hoping they would see it and let us come over.  But...yet again, they were asleep.  We didn't get in touch with them until the next morning.  Abby called as soon as she woke up, freaking out.  I was so happy they finally knew.
  That afternoon, we were having dinner with my family.  Carrie & I had come up with a poem to tell my parents.  Since Carrie was due in November we came up with the idea of doublemint gum.  The poem said "We're doubling the pleasure, and doubling the fun.  Come late February the fun will have just begun at Cookie & Doc's house."  We gave the poem with a pack of gum attached to my dad & he knew immediately.  Finally, everyone knew & we were thrilled with the news.
  As the weeks went on we talked about names, whether we wanted boys or girls, looked at nursery ideas and got ready for our next ultrasound.  I was feeling great, never sick and so excited about what the future was going to hold for us.


  1. I want to point out that it was around 10 o'oclock when you guys wanted us to bring out 3 monkey's over, lol.....I remember it so well, I was SO thrilled for you guys! Love you!