Monday, December 12, 2011

Month #5

During this month you got to experience some very exciting things!  You continued to go to therapy and make good progress.  Your eyes started focusing better and instead of looking up at the sky or ceiling constantly, she has started to look down and look around your environment.  Mrs. Karen continued working on your neck strength at therapy and you started to be able to hold your head up for a couple of seconds while having support under your chin.  You also continued to smile A LOT!  It brought such joy to both of our hearts to watch you smile at us.  God had certainly answered a prayer during this month.  Poppy had been praying that you would smile intentionally at Mommy & Daddy.  During this month you did!  You would get a big smile on your face when we would talk to you.  To see interaction that you wanted to have with us made our month for sure!!!
  You also started to discover your hands.  When you were born it was very difficult for you to move your arms and legs because you weren't strong enough.  Mrs. Karen & Mrs. Amy helped you so much get some strength & now you are able to find your hands while you are lying on your side.  It is very exciting!  Mommy & Daddy will place you on your side and you can bring your hands up to your mouth.  You love that!  You have also started to turn your head from side to side when you hear noises.  I love watching you make such progress!
  One of the hard things about this month was that you started spitting up a lot!  You had a hard time keeping medicine down, you had a lot of secretions in your throat that made it hard to swallow, and you had terrible reflux that medicine couldn't help.  We worked hard with Dr. Meyers for a few months to try to help, but it took a little while for us to figure it out.  I'm sorry baby girl!
  The MOST EXCITING part of the month was that you went on your first Pardue family beach trip.  Each summer we go to the beach with each of our families.  Over the July 4th weekend, we went to Gulf Shores with Nana, Poppy, Uncle Brent, Aunt Abby, Cole, Eli & Gage, Uncle Eric & Aunt Kristen and Uncle Jackson.  We rented a condo and all piled in for the fun! :)  Everyone was so sweet to you and took great care of you.  We spent our days on the beach, and you spent your day in your tent or in Nana's, Mommy's or Daddy's arms!  You LOVE the beach!  I think you love the sound of the ocean, the wind and the warmth of the sun on your face.  You spent hours outside under the umbrella in your tent and you STILL got tan!  How on earth did you do that?  Mrs. Amy & Mrs. Karen couldn't believe how tan you were when you came back from therapy.  We went to dinner and took some pictures with your cousins on the beach.  You weren't the happiest girl when you were getting your picture made, but that's ok.  We watched the fireworks the night before we left with Nana, Poppy, Uncle Jackson & Cole.  They really didn't bother you at all and I was so happy.  You are definately a beach baby, just like your mommy. :)
  You continue to be such a gift to us.  I'm so proud of the progress you are making and I can't wait to watch how God develops you.  We love you more than you can imagine.
Could we be any more happy on the way to dinner?

Picture with my precious one!

I love Aunt Kristen in the background! Asleep waiting to get a table!

Family Pic!

Family picture at sunset

My little southern beach baby!

Cousins!  Gage & HK weren't much into the picture taking

cousins toes!

Kisses from Daddy didn't help the fusiness :(

family pic!

Gage & HK loved sharing the tent for naps

Looking up at Nana

HK LOVES Uncle Jack Jack

I love my angel baby!

Kisses from Mommy

Nana is so good about always working on HK's therapy!

I absolutely LOVE this picture.  Real life caught on camera!  Tears, smiles, distractions & a sword fighter!

Aunt Abby painted HK's toes!  Precious.
playing on the beach towel. 

You started having to wear a bib in the car because of your spitting up all over your clothes :(

HK loving life in her tent

I love that smile!

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  1. i LOVE the picture of you and HK where you are wearing the brown (or is it black?) dress with the hot pink in it. LOVE it. You both look so beautiful! Thank you for letting us be a part of HK's life by blogging. I'm so happy to see her progress. love you guys!