Friday, January 6, 2012

Month #7

  Month number 7 held a very exciting event for you. You went on your very first plane ride. Daddy works for Delta and so we get fly for free. We had to wait until the doctors told us it was ok for you to fly and so we decided your first flight should be to Birmingham to visit family. We flew Friday night after work and Poppy and Jackson came to pick us up. You did great on the plane. You didn't makes peep. Daddy was relieved that you didn't fuss on the plane. He didn't want any trouble. Hahaha...
You continued to grow and weighed about 14 lbs, and continued to sleep well through the night. Miss Linda still had you taking small bites of rice cereal, but you really didn't like them very much. Your hands are still fascinating to you. You love to bring them to your mouth and chew on them. Your hands are also what helps to calm you down when you re upset. Your therapists are really excited about that because when you first came, you weren't able to calm yourself down at all. Eye control is a big thing for you. Until now, your eyes have wandered a lot and not had much control over them. This month you finall started to control your eyes for a few seconds. Miss Amy was really proud of you for this accomplishment.
We had a couple of fun visitors this month too. Lisa came to visit. She went with us to a couple of dr appointments and helped me with you a lo. While she was here visiting, I got the stomach bug!!! Luckily, Lisa was here to help with you, because I couldn't function. :). I don't know what I would have done without her. Jennifer and Shannyn also came to AtLanta to do some shopping and so I met them for breakfast before they headed back to Nashville.
You are a delightful miracle and joy to everyone who comes in contact with you. I love your personality which is coming out more and more each day. For a child that has some difficulties, you are the happiest baby I could possibly imagine. Daddy and I love you more each day and thank God for giving you to us. We couldn't imagine having any other child!
Just happy on the couch..holding onto my ball (which is an accomplishment!)

EXHAUSTED at therapy!

beautiful little angel girl!

my battle wounds after some blood work

more blood work wounds
FIRST plane ride with Daddy!!!

We went shopping with Cole, Eli, Gage, Aunt Abby & Nana in Bham

Out for a stroll....


Roll Tide Roll! 
Lisa came to visit! 

Breakfast with Jennifer & Shannyn...I miss you girls!


  1. I'm ready for my next visit with you guys!! Come on February!! :) Love you guys!

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