Thursday, February 2, 2012

Month #9 are getting much bigger Harper Kate.  Mommy & Daddy are so very proud of you!  You now weigh about 15 pounds, 8 oz.  I'm not sure of your exact length, but all I know is that you are VERY tall for your age.  You are in the upper percentile no doubt.  You started sleeping in your own room this month!  Until now, you had slept in a cradle next to Mommy.  But, we moved to a new home & that meant it was time for you to be a BIG GIRL!  You have done exceptionally well.  No scary moments, although you do have an apnea monitor which makes your parents have a much better night sleep. :)
  You are still taking bites of baby food.  You got to try fruits for the first time this month and you really love bananas.  One food you really didn't like was peas.  Don't worry little girl...we'll keep trying them!  Mommy is determined you will NOT be a picky eater. :)  This month at therapy Mrs. Amy wanted you to try & find your feet.  She kept helping you, and now when Mommy or Daddy asks you to find your feet you know where to look.  You still need some help lifting them up, but it's very exciting to see you move your hands to try & touch your feet.
  The GREATEST thing happened at therapy this month!  You FINALLY recognized Mommy for the first time.  You were looking in the big mirror & when you saw Mommy you got the biggest smile on your face.  Mommy started crying because I've wanted you to recognize my face for so long.  That was the best day we have had in a long time.
  This month also called for some exciting experiences.  You went on your first trip to anywhere except Birmingham.  We went to Washington, D.C.  We flew up on Friday night, got there in enough time for dinner.  We took the public railway to the National Mall where the Smithsonian museums are and walked to the neatest restaurant called Old Ebbitt Grill.  After dinner, we walked to our hotel, spent the night and when we woke up the next morning we walked to a yummy place for breakfast next to Ford's Theatre.  From there we walked back to the National Mall and checked out all of the monuments & memorials.  It came quickly, but it was then time to head back to the airport.  We hopped back on the train, got to the airport & headed back to Atlanta.  It was a quick, but really fun trip taking advantage of your daddy's flight benefits with Delta.  We hope to do that more in the future when you can fly easier!
  It was also time for your first Halloween.  We decided we would take you trick-or-treating with your new friend William.  William's daddy works at Delta with your daddy.  We quickly found out it was your daddy & William's daddy FIRST time trick-or-treating too.  WHAT?  They used to go to fall festivals instead of trick or treat through the neighborhoods.  You were pretty grumpy on Halloween so instead of being a happy ladybug, you were a grumpy ladybug, but..we went anyway! :)
  We also went to Tuscaloosa for your cousin Kaitie's initiation to her sorority which was the same as Mommy's,...the BEST....ADPi. :)  There was a funny story that happened there and I hope you never remember it happened. :)  Your Aunt Mary was keeping you in Kaitie's dorm room.  When she put you in your car seat, your g-tube accidentally caught on the car seat and pulled out of your tummy.  She called me in a panic and she had to come bring you to the sorority house where Mommy THOUGHT she had the syringe to put it back in FOR THE FIRST TIME!  Of course, when all of this happened, you looked up at Aunt Mary and smiled, almost laughing at her.  We were so glad it didn't hurt you. :)  When Mommy started to put the tube back in, she realized she didn't have the right syringe.  Oh No!  Aunt Mary had to take me to 3 places in Tuscaloosa to try to find the right syringe.  We finally thought about going to the student health center, and when we got there thank the LORD they had the right syringe.  They were very sweet about it.  So...there we were.  You were laying in the back seat of Uncle Jeff's truck while Aunt Mary held your head and sang to you.  Mommy stood at your feet praying she could get the g-tube back in.  The first attempt...failed.  Second attempt...failed...At this point, it's starting to bleed & mommy is really starting to panic!  On the third try, Aunt Mary prayed out loud we could get it in.  Third attempt...IN WITHOUT ANY TROUBLE! :)  As soon as Mommy finished, she burst into tears...we put you back in your seat (you having NO TEARS I might add) and headed back to the sorority house so Mommy could initiate Kaitie.  We made it just in time!  Aunt Mary took you back and you were so happy.  No problem at all. :)
  Oh little girl...You are such an adventure to all of us.  Everyone in your family has learned a lot about prayer and laughter all at the same time.  Mommy & Daddy wouldn't trade you for anything in this world.  You are our daily delight.  We love you more than you'll EVER know!

William & Harper Kate with their dads trick or treating for the first time!

Halloween Pajamas...not so happy! 

the best part of the Halloween pajamas :) 


playing with my hands while Daddy holds me

I think the Washington Monument is the most beautiful at night!

All bundled up walking around D.C. 

World War II Memorial 

Looking back from the WW II Memorial toward the Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial 

The grumpy ladybug!

Happy Halloween from the Pardue family!

I love bathtime!


Just hanging out...

I love my naptime, in my OWN BED!

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