Tuesday, February 28, 2012


  We are blessed to have both of our families live in the same city, although sometimes during the holidays it can be difficult, especially when you have a baby everyone wants to see.  But, our families put no pressure on us and made the first holiday with Harper Kate seamless. We drove to Birmingham Wednesday afternoon since my family was having Thanksgiving that night. My whole family, both sets of grandparents, and aunt&uncle and cousins all ate dinner at my parents house. My mom cooks an amazing dinner and my aunt Sharon helps. It's so fun to have all 7 girl cousins together. We all have so much fun. We took a Christmas card picture for my parents to send out. It was quite funny considering my nephew Whit wasn't looking and Harper Kate was screaming. I've attached it below. After dinner, Jarod and I drove to his parents house where we would spend the rest of the break.
  Thursday, my mother in law cooked another wonderful meal that we all enjoyed. This year we chose to have our meal without going to grandparents with the extended family. It was great for Harper Kate since staying calmer helps with her seizures. After we ate, we went to both of Jarod's grandparents houses to visit with the family that was there. Harper Kate decided to show off at Memaw's house and eat some sweet potato casserole . She absolutely loved it! All of her extended family was so happy to see her and was so impressed with her progress. We headed back to Nana & Poppy's house where Tammy, Abby and myself decided to door bust at Wal-Mart to get some gifts for my nephew's for Christmas. Holy moly, that was crazy. After some pushing through we got our gifts, got in line& headed out. Friday we all hung out together. It was so nice to take things easy and enjoy being together since we wouldn't be together for Christmas. Saturday was the Iron Bowl! A major day in the state of Alabama! We were so excited and ready. Eric& Kristen went to watch the game with some friends, but Jarod & I decided it would be best to keep HK as calm as possible and watched the game with Nana, Poppy, Aunt Abby, Uncle Brent & their boys. HK ended up in Nana & Poppy's room bc of the noise, but we all had a great time especially since Bama dominated! Roll Tide Roll! :).  
  All in all, Thanksgiving was a wonderful time to spend with family and I'm ready for the holidays again already. I love being with family more than anything and some of the best times for me are the ones we spend in Birmingham with them. Thanksgiving was a wonderful time for Jarod& me this year. We were celebrating with our daughter who we had doubted would make it this long. I couldn't have imagined a more wonderful time thanking the Lord for the time He had given us with her. She continues to amaze us daily. I choose to say "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!".

Mommy & HK before the Alabama-Auburn game

HK ready in her custom Vinnie Sunseri jersey from Uncle Alex

Daddy & his little Bama girl!

And...the infamous Johnson Christmas card.      

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