Monday, March 19, 2012

10 months old and counting

Harper Kate....Oh my goodness sweet girl, you are getting so big. You are tall and skinny and so incredibly beautiful. You look more and more like your daddy and Aunt Abby every single day. You aren't gaining weight as fast as we would like, but that's ok. Your mom and dad were skinny too. You sleep pretty well at night but you are certainly an early riser. You wake up around 6:00 or 6:30 every morning, which is ok since we are up anyway. Naps are always exciting for you. You sleep for about an hour in the mornings and a couple of hours in the afternoons. Daddy and I are so proud of you because you keep learning how to eat. You really love bananas,carrots, sweet potatoes and mommy is trying to teach you to eat peas. You work so very hard at therapy and your neck is really getting stronger. You can't hold it up yet,but that's ok,Daddy and I know you will get there in time. You still love your hands and have started keeping them by your mouth more. You are doing better at keeping your eyes downward focused and will recognize things if you can stare at them long enough which is difficult. You continue to practice rolling over from your back to your side. M
We went to Nashville for a very quick visit with mommy's St Paul friends. Mr. Andrew picked us up from the airport and took us to St. Paul where I walked you from class to class and everyone loved seeing you. We sat in the library and spent some time with the fifth and sixth grade team and Jennifer. Then Jess came to pick us up and we hung out with Jess,Mary Margaret and Lizzie for a while that afternoon. We went to eat supper with Emily and Jacob and then we had to wake up early to head back home to Atlanta. What a fun visit we had with friends. We certainly miss Nashville very much and hope we can make it back for a visit soon.
We love you sweet little are growing up so very fast!!

I love my fingers in my mouth...a huge accomplishment I might add!

New Winter pajamas!!

Alex came to watch the Heisman Presentation with us and put the custom jersey he gave Harper Kate on while we watched!

Bathtime is the best!

My little winter snow angel :) 

Yummy carrots!

Look Nana, I can play with the toy you gave me!

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