Thursday, April 19, 2012

She's almost one...11 months!

Oh darling angel,
I cannot believe you are almost one. At 11 months old, you are surprising mommy and daddy every day. You haven't been feeling great lately, so your progress is getting slower, but you are taking great tastes of food by mouth, and continue to work on your neck. You have also stopped gaining weight, so you are still around 16 pounds, but topping the charts with length at almost 30 inches. You really don't like peas, but we are working on it. We went to the beach this month and started getting ready for your birthday. We can't wait to celebrate your first birthday!!
Most importantly this month, we celebrated Alabama's 14th National Championship!!! You were sick the day of the game and to be honest Mommy really didn't want to take you to the doctor, because I REALLY didn't want to watch the game in the hospital, but you are more important so off to the doctor we went. I actually took you in your pajamas. Can you believe that? Mommy never takes you anywhere without being dressed, but you really were sick. Anyway, this family came into the pediatricians office decked out in their purple and gold...I know, you were thankful you didn't have to wear those colors. Red looks way better on you! :) :). We headed to the lab to get your blood drawn, and when they were putting gauze on your arm, they almost put purple on. Mommy quickly asked them to find another color, just for today. So, off we went with red tape covering the gauze. :)
Dr. Jackson called later wanting us to come back in because your white count was so high!! Mommy FREAKED OUT, called Daddy and he headed to meet us at the dr. Mommy thought there was something seriously wrong, but Cookie quickly reminded me that I had to remain calm. So, I put you back in the carseat and headed back to the dr. After all that panic, we began the week long search of figuring out what was wrong. More on that in the next post. Mommy and Daddy took you home, got some game food ready and dressed you in the appropriate outfit. You fell asleep at the beginning of the game, which allowed mommy and daddy to concentrate. We pulled out the bottle of 30th birthday champagne my aunt and uncle gave me when Bama won!! After a couple glasses we put you to bed, but I think we were so focused on celebrating we forgot to take you out of your jersey. :). Don't worry HK, it's the first of a few championship games you will watch in your lifetime!
Here are some pictures documenting this month. The beach pictures have already been posted.
sorry angel, just had to capture the moment!  

HK before falling asleep during the game...Roll Tide!  She's not feeling her best here...

still celebrating the next day!  

Mommy and Daddy's way of celebration!  It was gone that night!

She's getting more hair!  

pretty little angel...

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  1. So glad I saw your most recent post on facebook. Goodness Courtney, what a horribly wonderful life you have been given.

    Love the last pic on here...such an angel