Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Month 12!!!! How did that happen?!?!

Oh my sweet little angel,
   Mommy and Daddy cannot believe you are one year old! It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in the NICU with you talking to you, watching your every move and praying we could take you home soon! Oh my word, look how far you have come!! When we left the hospital no doctor or nurse knew how you would do once you got home and all you have done is work hard and surprise every one of them! Mommy didn't know if she would ever get to enjoy your smile or hear your sweet voice and now we tell you every day how beautiful you are and you get the BIGGEST smile on your face!! You talk so much now that I'm not sure I want you to learn words. I think it might be frightening to hear the things you say! Haha.
   You have ministered to so many simply through the way you work so hard and are so joyful while doing it. I pray that one day you will understand the significance of your life and just how many people you have touched. While you haven't met specific milestones on time, you have made beautiful progress and I know it will continue. This month I don't care as much about your weight, height or new things you are learning, but I choose to focus on what a picture of God's faithfulness you are to me. While there are so many days I don't understand God's plan for your life, I rest in the knowledge that He has one! While I do not know what your future holds, I know God has already ordained the days you will be on this Earth. While I do not know what developmental level you will achieve, I know you will be the happiest child and will not know the difference.
   You have taught mommy to trust God even in the darkness, to love others unconditionally, to believe God has a plan for my life too, to live every day as if it were my last, and to live in the moment. The most important thing you have taught me is that God is in control of life, death, circumstances and all of it WILL bring Him glory!
   We love you more than you could ever possibly know! Your twelve months have brought me the greatest joy in my life.
 Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful! :)

  2. She makes my heart melt!! I never knew I could love a child, that wasn't mine, this much! I remember the day I got the text of the pic of her without the tube in her nose, I've never seen anyone more beautiful!I love you, HK!! your aunt A