Thursday, June 28, 2012

Months 13-14 pretty subdued

March and April were pretty uneventful months around here which was kind of nice.  Harper Kate made a lot of good progress at therapy.  In fact we found a chair that she can sit in and work on her neck strength and will hopefully play with toys!  She had some dr appointments, a swallow study that showed it was ok for HK to eat puréed foods, and a ct scan of her head which has continued to show no swelling of her ventricles which is a huge praise!!  HK is so funny.  Sometimes I wonder if she is too smart for her own good.  She has started falling asleep in therapy on occasion in the middle of the session.  I guess that is her way of saying, I've had enough thank you so we've had to on some occasions have "naked therapy" to wake her up!!  Hahaha. I've got a pistol on my hands no doubt.
  In March, Harper Kate got a new cousin!!! Jarod's brother and his wife had a little boy named Owen, so we headed up to Nashville to see my new nephew. It was so much fun to meet him and hang out with Eric and Kristen for a little bit. We were also able to visit with our friends we left when we moved away, so it was the perfect weekend trip! Thankfully we were just able to have a good time these two months because little did we know, but looking back now, May and June would be filled with 15 days total in the hospital and some exciting times that have already been blogged!! ;)
  The most exciting HK event of March and April was that HK got two teeth and so we've started brushing them!!! Yet another milestone we are so happy to meet! Enjoy the pictures of this bundle of joy we live with. She's one more mess, but we wouldn't trade her for the world!

New chair! 

Good morning Mommy!  My hair is a MESS!

Naked Therapy

Naked Therapy again! 

Not sure she is ready for this swallowing study

New discovery!  I have feet!!!

What a pretty little girl!

We went to visit Gracyn!

I'm a big girl in my chair

Out to lunch with Hannah & Mrs Jessica

Mommy & HK at lunch with Daddy

I have a tooth!!!!!
pretty in pink

This girl LOVES her some heat!

sitting up pretty like a big girl

Going, going....


HK's face the first time she saw a picture of her new cousin, Owen!

pool time!

HK ready for her CT Scan

uh, Mom, I'm strapped down headed into this big machine...are you sure about this?!

Harper Kate's cousin, Owen Daniel!

Owen!  My new nephew

not really sure about this brushing the teeth thing!


  1. Courtney,
    I can't remember how I happened onto your blog but I am so glad I did. I was compelled to read your story about Harper Kate from the beginning. I'll give you a little back story about myself. I am an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, and have been for twenty plus years. I work with children from birth to age five with disabilities. Your story about Harper Kate is beautiful and you tell it with such honesty and compassion. Over the years I have had the privilege to work with families whose children taught me more than I think I taught them. All the students who have come through my classroom have left an indelible mark on my heart and soul. I have such compelling stories of children whose doctors said would never respond or develop skills do the exact opposite. One student in particular I worked with many years ago was visually and severely mentally impaired. He was fed by a G-tube, and had to be propped up to sit and to lie on the floor. Many of the sensory materials we presented to this little guy had little affect, and some of the other toys with the bells and whistles stimulated him even less. One day we were listening to a Hap Palmer album and I decided to hook up some head phones for him. I was hoping the head phones would help him localize the sound and he would pay more attention to the music. When I put the head phones on him and he heard the music his eyes opened real wide and he had the biggest smile on his face. This was the first smile I'd ever seen on him. I called my assistant and his PCA over to see his response and the three of us had tears in our eyes. From that day forward I have always believed in my heart that children with disabilities are the most gifted. Why? Because I think as we work with these children they help us to experience our humanity and our compassion in ways we might not otherwise. I know you must grieve for the dreams you had for your daughter, but I will not presume to say that God has given her to you for a reason. But as a special ed teacher, what I have learned from families over the years, is that each family who has a special needs child has a gift that no other family has. As I read your words I heard your love, your joy, your sorrow, your frustration, and your fear all beautifully written. Your daughter the most joyous of sights, posing in her chair and laughing. I can tell by the photos she is secure in your love for her. She is a gift from God and she will take you places in your heart and in your life you never knew existed.

    God Bless you.


    1. Donna, I'm so sorry for just responding. Thank you so much for this comment & for sharing your story. Thank you for taking the time to read and reminding me of my gift from God and the miracles she can achieve!

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