Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Started rough, but it's much better!!!

So, when I woke up this morning Harper Kate was really fussy, acting like something was wrong. She couldn't be comforted and I had no clue what to do. The day started off so negatively and I was so frustrated! Hence my negative Facebook post.
Yesterday, HK's breathing was still about 60x a minute which was much better than Monday. She was still on high flow oxygen with 8 liters and 40% room air. She slept pretty much all day yesterday and just looked like she didn't feel well at all. After her bath yesterday she perked up some and slept great during the night.
This morning when the doctor came in, she decided that since HK had no nutrition since Saturday she needed to eat. Harper Kate had still been gagging some and we weren't really sure why, so instead of pushing the formula through her g-tube the doctor decided
to put a PICC line in so that they could give her some nutrition TPN. This is basically IV fluids with some calories. That will start at 8:00 tonight so the angel will FINALLY start getting some calories . There's the feeding update!
Since HK had thrown up so much on Saturday, and since HK technically shouldn't be able to throw up (because she's had a fundoplication), her GI doctor wanted to get a procedure done to make sure that her fundo was still intact! So at 3:00 this afternoon, we headed down to radiology to find out that yes, it is intact!! YEA!! If it hadn't been intact, we might have had to get a different kind of feeding tube that I really didn't want!!! So.... Praise the Lord for that!! There is the GI update!
Earlier this morning I was pretty down and scared about HK getting the PICC line. It really isn't as big of a deal as I thought, but to me it sounded scary. Then, while I was holding Harper Kate, the crazy child yanked her IV out! She was REALLY testing me this morning. I looked down and my shirt and her hand was covered in blood....good grief! So, the nurse and PICC team came in, put some numbing cream on both arms and an hour later they returned ready to insert another IV and the PICC line. Since the PICC procedure has to be sterile I left and headed to get lunch from downstairs. I came back to a very happy child who didn't cry AT ALL during the procedure, was asleep because of some sleepy medicine they gave her. When she woke up, they did an X-ray to find that the line wasn't in the right place....seriously?!?!? Anyway, it was not as bad as I thought and it was EASY to fix, so now all is well with that!
Breathing and pneumonia wise HK is much better today!! She has gone from from 8 liters of oxygen down to 4 liters and she's on room air percentage wise which is great, but we have just had to increase her liters back to 6. It could just be because she's sleeping right now and her breathing gets more shallow when she sleeps. Anyway, all this information is for my medical friends. For those of you who aren't, SHE'S DOING BETTER!!! Hahaha. Honestly, I do feel like this afternoon that her antibiotics are finally winning the game instead of the pneumonia. Hooray! It will probably just take a couple more days for her lungs to adjust. Don't get too excited.... That's just me talking! No doctor has given me ANY IDEA of when we will leave. Fever is gone today which is also a great sign!!
Lastly, but the funniest and greatest of all is that after SIX days HK has finally gone poop!!! I know to many of you that's gross and totally unnecessary to include, but trust me all the nurses and mommy were celebrating!! Didn't even have to give her a suppository to help!! Go HK! I mean, that alone HAS to make her feel better! :).
All in all it has been a great day with ups and downs! I feel like Harper Kate has turned a corner, that she's starting to really perk up and that we are on the mend! Nana and Uncle Jack Jack came yesterday which I'm sure aided the feeling better process. It made me feel so much better just having some company! Thank you for spending half your day in the car just to sit with us for a few hours. It made a huge difference in all our attitudes.
Tonight, two more of my friends are driving 45 minutes to bring us dinner and chat. I know I say this all the time, but I am so so blessed!
I'll try to update tomorrow afternoon on the events of the day. Today was exciting, so I truly apologize for the long post!
In summary, I leave you with Psalm 126:3.
"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy!".
Thank you from the depths of my heart,

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