Friday, September 14, 2012

Month 15

    This was a pretty exciting month!  In late April we headed to San Antonio, Texas just for the day.  We saw the Alamo, walked down the Riverwalk and enjoyed the beautiful weather while it was raining in Atlanta.  We headed back that night, but really loved our day spent there. 
    Some of our great friends came to visit us in early May.  Chris, Adrianne & Alex came to visit.  We spent Saturday at the pool, having guacamole, chips and enjoying the sunshine.  We didn't do too much except just spend some time together.  We headed to Ted's Montana Grill for dinner Saturday night after a day spent at the pool (which is exactly what Harper Kate wanted to do!)  Sunday morning they had to leave, but it is always so refreshing to have friends come visit us over in Atlanta. 
  Harper Kate also got to brush her teeth for the first time, spent LOTS of time at the pool, picked strawberries with friends, increased her abilities in eating pureed foods, worked on her neck strength by sitting in her high chair LOTS of time during the day and watched the Alabama players as they were drafted in the NFL draft! 
  Enjoy the pictures below.  We are LOVING life with our angel!  We certainly wouldn't change one thing about it. 
HK & Mommy in the pool

Thanks Chris & Adrianne for my new shades!  I LOVE them!

Aunt Adrianne & sweet HK

Naptime at the pool....her favorite!

Not a fan of brushing teeth

I LOVE my sweet potatoes!

Mommy & Daddy got me my own seat this time!  

Drinks at Boudro's Texas Bistro in San Antonio

What a beautiful view from lunch

Lunch at Boudro's Texas Bistro on the Riverwalk 

oh just sitting up like such a big girl

Mommy & HK overlooking the Riverwalk

Daddy & HK at The Alamo

Mommy & HK at the Alamo

Love new experiences with my angel

And...cheering on the Bama players in the NFL Draft first round!

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