Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The "gift" of suffering

 Back in March of this year, the pastor of the church I went to growing up, and where my family in Birmingham currently attends, asked Jarod and I if we would be willing to share our story.  I have to say that I despise seeing myself on cameras of any kind, and hate hearing my voice on video camera, therefore I was quite hesitant for very selfish reasons.  My husband, ever so gently, reminded me that we agreed that when we had Harper Kate we would do whatever to share our story so that God could be seen in the midst of difficult circumstances.
   Anyway, Tim (the pastor) was speaking on spiritual gifts and the final "gift" in the series was on the gift of suffering.  I think viewing suffering as a gift is perfect.  I choose to view HK as a gift ALWAYS, even though she does at times bring about short moments of "suffering."  I've decided to share the link to the video below & the link to his sermon.  I would encourage you to listen to the sermon and not just watch Jarod and me on the video. :)
   My father-in-law, who is also a pastor, spoke on Job a couple of weeks later and used the video to show at his church as well.  The link to that sermon is below.  I've hesitated for a WHILE to share this online, but once again, all this is for God's glory anyway, so I might as well follow His leading...

Video of our story:

Link to Tim's sermon:  "The gift of suffering"

Link to Randy's sermon:  "Job"
Note:  You need to scroll down to the sermon on "Job"  Message #8

I promise more blogs are coming...It really drives my sister INSANE that I don't keep my blog up very well.  I'm sorry!!!  I'm working on it.  She reminded me that I will regret not having the small memories day to day if I don't write them down.

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