Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Month 16...Lord have mercy...

Well month 16 started off with a bang and ended with a bang.  Where should I begin?!
  Toward the end of May, HK was hospitalized due to a severe seizure.  
We spent about 4 days in the hospital in May and missed a beach trip.  Oh she keeps life exciting. 

Then my sister, Mary Margaret, got married June 9!  Harper Kate and I headed to Birmingham on Thursday before the wedding to hang out with Aunt Mae Mae, Cookie, Aunt Kitty & Aunt Carrie.  We all went and got a pedicure while HK stayed with Doc.  Then, we all met Doc to eat Mexican.  It was so much fun.  It was the "original" 6 of us plus HK.  We had fun, laughed, hung out then headed home to detox from our greasy, but yummy food and get ready for the bridesmaid luncheon the next day.  My dad had found wonderful babysitters for Harper Kate for all of the wedding festivities.  Mrs. Jan kept HK for the bridesmaid luncheon and Mrs. Lisa, a nurse from the hospital, kept HK for the rehearsal dinner.  After the wedding, a nurse, Julie, from my father in law's church & her daughters kept HK.  All 5 of these ladies were GOD SENT GIFTS as we celebrated with no worrying.  
  My aunt Sharon hosted the bridesmaid luncheon at her house.  What a beautiful home, and she knows how to host parties, so we all had so much fun celebrating Mary Margaret in the most girly way possible. :)  Friday night, JD's parents hosted a spectacular rehearsal dinner at Birmingham Country Club.  We laughed, cried, told stories about JD & Mary Margaret and the 3 sisters gave a list of "Top 10 Things you need to know about Mary Margaret." I'm sure there weren't many that were surprises. :) 
  Saturday morning we woke up for such an exciting day.  Harper Kate was the flower girl and rode down the aisle lying in a beautiful baby carriage.  She was such a trooper that day.  Earlier in the day, she began throwing up and continued for most of the day.  Jarod was home with her trying to get her ready & himself ready while I was busy taking photos.  Little did we know that the vomitting would send us right back to the hospital when we returned from the wedding. :(  
  The links to that hospital stay & story are here: 

Month 16 held other fun events too.  I took HK to the zoo with some friends for the first time!  She really enjoyed just being outside on such a beautiful day.  We started swimming therapy (which I will blog about more later) and did a couple other fun things in between hospital visits.  Here are the pictures from the month. :) 

Hanging out at the zoo
Mommy & HK at the elephants. 

Pigtails ready for the pool

right after the EEG (hospital stay #1)
after a bath to get the nasty glue out of her hair! (hospital stay #2)

Yippee...We can go home!  

After the hospital stay and no beach trip, we went to Birmingham to be with family

Swim therapy with our therapist
Swim therapy for the first time
Wedding Day!!!  
Isn't she so cute?!
JD with his new sisters!
What a FUN party!!!

beautiful flower girl...the ONE smile of the day!

At the pediatrician's office before our diagnosis...
Day 3..once she felt a little better

While I was there, I must say I mastered my "bed" making skills

No more oxygen!!!
Finally, we can play outside!

After NINE days, we are GOING HOME!!!!


  1. I can't believe how much she has changed just in the last few months! She looks so little in all this pictures! Our girls are growing up too fast! :)

  2. Hi I'm interested to see how HK is doing. I just had a baby boy 6 weeks ago that has the same 3 brain malformations and would like to see how she is doing. You know what it's like to go through all the unknown.