Thursday, September 8, 2011

Part 2 of Harper Kate's Birthday

  I mentioned in the previous post that we had amazing family that drove from up to 8 hours away to come see the precious angel! I wanted to include some details about the day she was born that I left out of the previous post.  I'll begin once she was born.
  Once Harper Kate arrived and I was in recovery, Jarod went down to where our parents were waiting.  He was able to go out to the waiting area, let them know she was here and show them the picture from the NICU.  I think it was rumored that my dad, who is a doctor, was trying to get back to the NICU so he could see her.  haha....His connections didn't quite work in Georgia like they do in Alabama. :)  He was able, with everyone else, to go back and visit her later once she was settled.  Once I finished in recovery, I was wheeled up to my room where my mom, Tammy (my amazing mother-in-law), Abby (my sister in law) came and met me.  It was wonderful to finally see some familiar faces!  Jarod had taken my dad, Randy (my wonderful father-in-law) and Jackson (my brother-in-law) to see Harper Kate in the NICU.  I found out Jarod's brother Eric and his wife Kristen would be driving from Nashville after work that night to come visit & ALL THREE of my sisters were coming.  Mary Margaret & Katherine (2 of my sisters) live in Oxford and go to Ole Miss. They drove 4 hours to Birmingham, picked up my sister Carrie, and continued on to Atlanta (another 3 hours).  It was wonderful to have so much family come and visit us.  Jarod & I feel incredibly blessed to have so much family who wanted to come be with us once our little miracle arrived.  It was great to have family there to because at least talking to them and hanging out allowed me to get my mind off just "waiting" 12 hours to go see Harper Kate.  That night, Jarod & all our family went out to dinner at Figo Pasta  and left me for a nap.  It was nice to have a little peace & quiet for a couple hours.  Everyone left and headed to their hotel and our apartment to spend the night. :)
  The next morning, Jarod left the hospital to go home, get a shower, pack a few other things and while he was there his family worked with him to finish the nursery.  Remember earlier I said that this weekend Jarod's parents were supposed to be coming to finish the nursery. :)  hahaha...They hung the pictures, hung the video monitor and got all the details completed so that when we came home Harper Kate would have a beautiful room to sleep in.  While they were working, my mom, dad & sisters came to the hospital and sat with me and visited Harper Kate.  Eventually,my sisters had to leave.  Then, Jarod's family came up to the hospital and stayed for a little while.  Then, it was time for all of them to head home as well.  My mom and dad were able to stay until Sunday and when they left early Sunday afternoon I got a bit sad.  It was so hard to have them leaving when we knew it was a possibility we wouldn't be able to take Harper Kate home with us.
  Monday came and it was our day we were supposed to head home.  Harper Kate still wasn't off her oxygen, but the nurses thought she might be able to come home in the next few days.  That day was a hard, slow day because we just waited to see if we could stay one more night in the hospital.  They had something where if a room was open, you could stay in the room (with no nurse or food service) until your child came home from the NICU.  We hoped that would be sooner rather than later, but later that evening we would realize that it would be a while longer until we could bring our angel home with us.
  Here are some pictures from the hospital.  Thanks to all my sisters & sister-in-laws for sending me the pictures.  I wasn't the best picture taker while in the hospital. :)

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