Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Surgery Update!

Hey Everybody,
  I apologize for not updating sooner.  Harper Kate's surgery was a success!  She is home, with no tube in her nose!!!  The fundiplication surgery (to eliminate reflux) has worked so far.  No spit up episodes and she has been doing very well.  She's still a little sore and needing some tylenol, but we're almost over it.  We have already been able to move up to a higher rate on the feeding pump, so she can actually go 4 hours a day without being hooked up at all!!!  I absolutely love seeing her nose without a tube coming out.  She looks so beautiful to me!  Now we can start working on oral feeding.  The hope is, without the tube in her throat, oral feeding will become much easier for her.  We've been giving her tastes and so far she really likes carrots and sweet potatoes.  Unfortunately, carrots are near impossible to get out of clothes, so we like to eat naked around our house.  hahaha
  I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of the angel with no nose tube!   We're still taking it easy recovering, but this weekend we're headed to Birmingham so Mom & Dad can go to the Bama game while HK stays with her Cookie.  We are all VERY excited about that! 
  Have a great weekend! 


  1. Oh Courtney....what a great post and what great news to hear that she is doing so well!! She is absolutely beautiful and I know you do love seeing her without her feeding tube!! I wish I could just give her a huge hug and her mother as well!!!! I love you dearly and I'm so happy for you and Jarrod to get to go the game!!! Look for Miller and Tom!!! Ha ha!!! Much love to you and your precious family!

  2. She is so beautiful!! What a precious angel. So happy that the surgery has helped, praise God! Have a great time at the game this weekend, I know how much you love it!! haha. Miss you!