Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Answered Prayer!

Back to the story....
  As I said before, during this time of uncertainty and journey to trust in God, Jarod continued looking for a job.  Around the beginning of September he had an interview in Atlanta with Delta Airlines. After the interview, we headed back to Nashville to wait and hear what the decision was.
  About 3 weeks later, at the end of September, Jarod was headed to a bachelor party at the lake.  On his way, he got a call from Delta letting him know he got the job.  I don't think I've ever been so happy.  After waiting for what seemed like FOREVER, God had shown us once again that He was in control, that He did have a plan for us and that it was the best plan.  I didn't get to see him until Sunday and so I had to celebrate with a couple of my friends from school until Jarod got home. :) 
  Delta wanted him to start in the middle of October.  It would be a quick turn around especially with me having just started school with my class.  When he got home we began to make plans.  What would I do about school?  Jarod & I both felt like I should work until Christmas.  I had just given them the news that I was pregnant and would leave in February.  Now, I would have to go back to Jim's office (my boss) and tell him it would actually be Christmas.  I must say, I could not have asked for a more supportive boss at the time.  Jim had joined us in praying for Jarod's job.  He knew the possibilities of us moving depending on where the job would be.  When I left his office that day, I felt supported and knew Jim understood.
  We went ahead and got out of our apartment lease, but now I knew I needed to find a place to live for a couple of months and we knew we needed to find a place for us to live in Atlanta.  Luckily, Delta was going to pay moving expenses so we didn't have to worry about packing.  We went to Atlanta two weekends in a row and found an apartment in Peachtree City.  It is south of the city of Atlanta, but closer to the airport without traffic.  We got that secured, still wondering where I would live.
  During all of this craziness I wondered how all of these things would work out.  It didn't seem fair that Jarod finally got a job, but now, while I was pregnant with our daughter, we would have to live apart for 2 months.  Tons of doctor appointments I would have to go to alone and then try to pass along all of the information from the doctors.  What would I do by myself for 2 months? 
  I continued to pray that I would find a perfect place to live while we made the transition.  One of my good friends at school had a close family friend that had a guest house behind their main house.  She asked the couple if they would be willing to let me live in their guest house.  Let me say this was no ordinary guest house.  It was completely furnished, with a kitchen, beautiful bedroom and bath.  It felt so much like home.  I can't express in words what a wonderful answer to prayer this was.  This couple was a strong Christian couple who treated me just like their own while I lived there.  I was welcomed with loving and caring arms as I lived in their home. 
  Within three weeks, we found 2 places to live, had our things moved to Atlanta, lived in a hotel for a week and headed off to Gatlinburg, TN with Jarod's family for our fall vacation.  When we left Gatlinburg after the weekend, Jarod drove alone to Atlanta, and I headed back to Nashville with my brother-in-law & sister-in-law.  As I cried in the car on the way back to Nashville, I knew the two months would go by quicker than I thought.  I knew God was still in control and I knew He had an ultimate plan for us even if that meant being separated for a period of time. 
 On another note, I'll be out of town starting Friday for a week, so no posts until I return.  So sorry!  I'll leave some pictures from Jarod's graduation from Vanderbilt.  I've never been more proud of him than I was on that day! 

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