Monday, July 25, 2011

A Fun Filled Weekend...

I apologize for the lack of post on Friday.  I was busy getting ready for Jarod's 30th birthday party!  His birthday was on Sunday, but we had a party with 2 of his other friends on Friday night.  We headed to Birmingham and had a cookout at Jarod's parents house.  Of course, I was so busy getting everything ready, I got no pictures from the party!  :(
  Then, on Saturday, my nephew Gage turned 1!!!  We had a fun birthday party for him as well.  Lots of kids playing in the sand and outside while the adults talked and enjoyed the company of each other.  He didn't like his cake very much and decided he didn't want to take a dive into it. 
  Sunday was Jarod's actual birthday.  Harper Kate woke up extremely happy and talkative which was a wonderful present.  During the opening of presents, Harper Kate decided she didn't want to participate in the event and fell asleep.  We went to church and Harper Kate stole the show as usual.  Everyone was so glad to see her as she has gotten so much bigger in the past month.  Jarod chose for us to go to the new mexican restaurant in Homewood called Pinches Tacos.  It was delicious!  We didn't get home last night until late so today will consist of unpacking, grocery shopping & getting ready to go to the beach next week!  YEA!!!
  So, I'll get back to the story on Wednesday, but for now I'll leave you with some pictures of our growing little angel.

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  1. So precious! Jarod probably doesn't remember me, but we went to school together a million years ago at Parkway. I have been inspired and encouraged by your family's story. Thank you for sharing. How amazing is it to see your little girl furthering God's Kingdom before she was even born. She is a testament to how big our God really is!