Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2 LONG months....

Living in Atlanta, not working for a couple of months, was a bit difficult for me.  I must say I got a little bored After organizing our new apartment, and working on Harper Kate's room, there was only so much else I could do.  I skyped with my class, that I missed so much, prayed for my daughter's healing, met some new friends and went to what felt like millions of doctor appointments. My doctors office was about 45 minutes away from our apartment.  I chose to deliver Harper Kate at Northside Hospital since it was one of the best in the country for OB services and their NICU was a level 3 and Harper Kate would not have to be transferred anywhere had she needed any surgery etc, but it was a long way from our home.  I had to go every week to the OB doctor for a check & to the maternal fetal medicine doctor for an ultrasound.  I enjoyed those days since it got me out of the apartment.  I would spend most of the day up in Buckhead, going to Trader Joes & Lenox Mall shopping around.  It sure gave me something to do while Jarod was at work.  My mother-in-law came with me to one doctor appointment and that was wonderful.  It was great to have someone to accompany me.
  I said I met some new friends.  Well, I can honestly say God strategically put these women in my life directly for me.  My mom had a mutual friend that knew "Martha" here in Peachtree City.  Martha is a leader for a Mom to Mom Bible Study group of young moms.  Martha knew about Harper Kate's condition from my mom's mutual friend, and knew I was moving here without knowing many people.  I had lunch with her when I got here & she told me that her small group of girls that she leads had officially "adopted" me into their group.  They all wanted to meet me, have lunch and then shocked me with telling me they would like to provide dinner for Jarod & me once Harper Kate got here.  WHAT?  I've never met any of these wonderful girls & they all want to bring us dinner, take care of us & let me be part of their group.  A few of them had a play group before HK got here, so I went and met a few of them.  A couple of them had gifts for HK when I got there and they were the kindest women I've met in so long.  They made me feel incredibly welcome, comfortable and showed me what God's love looks like.  I'll mention this group many more times through this blog, but let me say this.  These women were the true hands and feet of Jesus to Jarod & me.  They are selfless, loving, and a picture of what God calls the church to look like.  I am forever grateful to each of you!
  I know many of you are wondering what Harper Kate is like today!!!  I'll give an update on Friday letting you know how she is doing before moving into her "birth" story and month in the NICU.  That experience is a few posts in and of itself. :)  I promise you...I'll catch up eventually.  I don't want to forget any of the blessings of this amazing journey with my angel girl.  I'll leave you with a few recent pictures of that little doll.

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