Monday, August 15, 2011

My First Baby Shower!!!

My amazing friends and team of teachers at school hosted a baby shower for me in November.  It most certainly gave me something to look forward to in those weeks while waiting to head to Atlanta.  It was so perfect!  They decided to have a "come and go" shower.  They put the food and drinks in the teachers workroom and had an area for people to place the gifts.  I stayed in there during my planning periods so people could stop by and visit, but let's be honest...for teachers, food & drinks in the teachers workroom will draw them in every time!  hahahaha.....
  The teachers got to school VERY early to decorate the lounge perfectly for me.  The food was wonderful.  They took the time to think through what food & drink I like and had them all there. The shower was a diaper and gift card shower.  Each grade was assigned a different size of diapers and administration was given gift cards.  Let me just say...that was the greatest thing ever.  At 6 months of age, I still have not bought one diaper and the gift cards were so generous, I was able to purchase our video baby monitor (which I have really needed with Harper Kate) and many other necessities along the way! 
  To all my St. Paul friends in Nashville....THANK YOU!!!!!  I miss you more than you will ever know.
 The main table in the workroom with all of the food, drinks on it.  The 6th grade girls colored the letters and they are saved and ready to hang when I have a bigger nursery to hang things.  They are so special!

I apologize for the terrible glare.  This is looking the other direction at the other end of the table. 

 What a cute centerpiece! 

This was my reaction when I first walked in and saw the decorations.  What a fun surprise on a Thursday  morning!

 This was so special.  Every teacher wrote a card of encouragement or advice and put them in the photo album.  They are all still in the album on the bookshelves in Harper Kate's room.  I read through them periodically!  I miss you all so much.

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