Friday, August 26, 2011

A HK Update...

I know MANY of you are wondering what is going on with Harper Kate today!  I thought I'd pause in the story and give a quick update.  Harper Kate has physical therapy, occupational therapy & feeding therapy each, once a week, for an hour.  She has made great progress especially with her eyes.  Her eyes, when she was born, had hardly any control over them.  They would wander back and forth, not able to focus on anything.  Now, she is able to focus for a few seconds on some objects, and is beginning to track & reach for things.  I am SO PROUD of her!   
  She is working on her neck strength.  She isn't able to hold it up yet, but it is getting much stronger every day!  I never knew I wanted to be a nurse, physical therapist and occupational therapist.  hahaha....
  Harper Kate is also working on learning how to eat.  Her feeding therapist sees great potential in her & thinks she will have the "skill" to eat by January & then we'll just have to up her amount to where she is finally gaining weight.  Yes, all of this is a LONG process, but as long as I see progress, it makes the slow days well worth it.  
  On a sadder note, the little peanut has terrible reflux.  Since her neck strength is not extremely strong, she sometimes has a hard time getting all of the spit up out of her mouth, and can sometimes choke on it. We are consulting with a surgeon next Wednesday to get a fundiplication surgery done, along with getting a g-tube put in her stomach so we can get rid of the nasal feeding tube.  The fundiplication is where the doctors tighten her esophogus, I think, to where she can swallow, but the reflux cannot come up.  Hopefully it will make HK's life (and mine) MUCH easier & happier. Can you imagine swallowing acid reflux multiple times a day to only have it come back up eventually?  Poor little baby girl. 
  Anyway, that's pretty much the update right now.  I'll be sure to let you all know when we finally get the surgery scheduled.  Like I said, consult is next Wednesday, Aug. 31.  I appreciate & covet your prayers.  To have your 6 month old baby put to sleep for a major surgery is a bit nerve racking for a momma & daddy who already had to leave her in the NICU for a month to be poked & prodded.  Hopefully we'll be able to stay in the room with her this time. 
  I'll be in touch...Thanks for the love & prayers.  Your care, love & concern for our little girl means the world to us.  We wouldn't be able to make it without friends & family.  
Much Love,


  1. I can totally see such improvement in her, especially in her focusing. This morning, when you were talking to her, I noticed her just LOCK IN to you. Sweet, sweet girl! Praying, always...

  2. Loving and praying for you all. Miss you SO much! Martha

  3. Always thinking and praying for YOU, Jarod, and sweet, sweetest HK. I love that you're posting here, because I always want to know how y'all are doing! Love to y'all. Mary Beth