Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wrapping Up My Nashville Days...

At the beginning of December, I went to both of my doctors for one last check up in Nashville.  The maternal fetal medicine doctor continued feeling great about Harper Kate's prognosis.  Yes, she had Dandy-Walker Malformation and Agenesis of the Corpus Collosum, but at that point the doctor felt like Harper Kate would be developmentally delayed, but would have the potential to catch up later.  The OB was feeling great about things, but we were already preparing for a scheduled c-section since Harper Kate's head measurement was large.  All notes were sent to my doctors in Atlanta and the transition was quite easy.  Keep in mind this was my third set of doctors for this pregnancy.  Since my dad is an OB in Birmingham, remember, I had gone to his office originally for ultrasounds, then to UAB.  Then, I saw my regular doctors in Nashville and now I am moving to Atlanta.  Oh, my poor chart I'm sure was 100 pages long!
  A few nights I was able to go to dinner at some favorite Nashville restaurants saying goodbye to sweet friends.  Everyone was so glad I would be able to be with Jarod, but deep down all of us were wishing I was staying there and that Jarod could be there too. :) 
  I shared a meal at Urban Flats with some great "sig-o" friends we met during Vanderbilt days.  YUM.   I also joined Jennifer and Shannyn (2 great friends from school) for dinner at Maggiano's.  While I hated leaving Nashville, I was counting down the days to starting our new life in Atlanta waiting on our little girl to arrive. 


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  1. You look so beautiful in your pics! I LOVE turquoise on you!